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JUMPER-Z vol.18


15.Damian,Nas と 9.Snoop はとりあえずいけとる。

JUMPER-Z vol.18

1. Jamie Foxx ft. Lil Wayne / Straight To The Dance Floor
2. Jamie Foxx ft. Justin Timberlake / Winner
3. Chris Brown ft Trey Songz & Game / Wait
4. Ester Dean ft Lil Wayne & Chris Brown / Drop It Low (Remix)
5. Freeway / She Makes Me Feel Alright
6. Fat Joe ft Young Jeezy / Ha Ha (Slow Down Son)
7. Snoop Dogg ft. Fat Joe / I Wanna Rock (Remix)
8. Snoop Dogg ft Jay Z / I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix)
9. Snoop Dogg ft Kid Cudi / That Tree
10. Ron Browz / Cheese N Crackers
11. Red Cafe ft Fabolous / I'm Ill
12. DJ Kay Slay ft Ray J Maino Papoose Red Cafe / Thug Luv
13. Jaheim ft Jadakiss / Ain't Leaving Without You
14. Dirty Money ft Jim Jones / Love Come Down (Ted Smooth Remix)
15. Damian Marley & Nas / Strong Will Continue
16. Alicia Keys / Through It All
17. Robin Thicke ft Jay-Z / Meiple

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